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  • Saturday, December 9, 2006
    According to some, humanity is sitting on a volatile time bomb—one that could send the entire planet into a tailspin of epic destruction, with detonation not far in the future. But is this a realistic scenario?
    The facts are in: The thermohaline ocean current—which moderates temperatures worldwide, preventing Europe from having a climate similar to Alaska—is slowing. Glaciers in Greenland, Alaska, the Himalayas and the Antarctic Peninsula are retreating. Sea ice in the Arctic Ocean during summer is disappearing. Permafrost (permanently frozen soil) in Canada, Alaska and Siberia is melting at an alarming rate. Hurricanes are becoming more numerous and more intense, and sea levels are rising.

    MELTDOWN: According to scientists, global warming has caused the Columbia Glacier to retreat seven miles in the last 20 years, leaving calves of ice in Prince William Sound.

    Photo: KRT
    According to the National Academy of Sciences, the average surface temperature of the earth has risen by one degree Fahrenheit (°F) during the past 100 years, with accelerated warming occurring within the past 20 years. NASA climatologists state that 2005 was the warmest year in a century, with 1998, 2002, 2003 and 2004 next in line.

    Few dispute that the earth is growing warmer and that there are signs identifying this. The debate lies in the seriousness of this warming trend, who or what is to blame, and whether there is a direct connection to hurricane frequency and intensity.

    The term “global warming” is at the forefront of many minds, and for several reasons. Should we be concerned?

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    At February 21, 2007 at 9:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

    Mr Lischak is not a scientist, and really has no hard data to support his hysterical "facts".
    It's Chicken Little for the 21st century.
    He's a self appointed Mr Know it All.
    I have little patience for sophist weenies like him.


    At December 28, 2009 at 9:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

    The information that the pseudo scientist are trying to force down our throats is bogus.

    1. The continent of Antarctic's ice moves 22 feet per year. The ice builds up on one side and breaks off at the other end.

    2. Since when does one get more water that what is there? Fill a glass 1/2 filled and mark it. Next; put some ice cubes into the glass but not over flowing. Mark the level of the water. When the ice melts the water level drops down. I have yet to see the water overflow the glass when the ice melts. That's having more water than what you started out with.

    3. Years ago back in the 40's and 50's you could buy oranges from South Carolina and got all of our bananas from Florida. Today, you can't grow oranges in northern Florida and the banana crop is gone. If we were having global warming you should be able to grow oranges in NJ by now.

    4. If you recall in the middle of 70's the scientist were calling for a global freezing.

    5. Never another word from the scientist about the ozone layer vanishing. That's another crises that died out.

    6. We have had several oil crises over that past 30 years as the world is running out of oil. They are pumping more oil today then all of the other crises in the past.

    As a result of all of these crises there came new and higher taxes. With this global warming stupidity, that people get sucked into this fantacy of the global elite, a new found tax is pushed onto the people. Not only a new tax but a world tax by taking from the rich and giving it to the corrupted presidents of other countries. Who is going to keep tabs on the money given to the World Bank ?

    My last comment is: Save the world from environ-mental-less.

    The watcher